FIRES OF VENUS: “Shooting Star”


Lady Frida Harris, The Star (Thoth Tarot 1942)


for Alexandra Bradley

I saw a shooting star

She was a wonder

I called to the sky and asked,

“Where are you going?”

She replied,

“Anywhere I want.”

She swept over the barren wastes

And the desolate fields and

The wreckage of war.

She thought,

“I can make this world a better place.”

She is the daughter of Atlas,

The daughter of Earthshine.

Protector of the oceans,

And lover of all things alive.

I saw a shooting star

And I was blinded by her light.

Bethel, 2008

FIRES OF VENUS: “Fear No Evil”


Adolph Hiremy-Hirschl, Ahasuerus at the End of the World


She lifts her head from the pillow and says,

There’s a wind in Jerusalem that carries¬†positive ions;

it drives the people mad in the summer.

Her hair smells like burnt wood.

It scratches my face as if I lie

in a field of grass.

I turn and roll away,

press my lips to the mattress.

It tastes of salt.

You don’t want to hear the truth,

she says from her end of the continent.

Tangled sheets

and pools of sweat

lie between us.

Her cheek rises like the moon

over cliffs of white cloth.

I wait for her to sleep, I wait

for that ebb and sigh

of breath and blood,

certain as the tide

crashing somewhere…

Another plane forgot how to fly today.

It fell in a place

I’ve never been and never wish to go

where four men stand in a circle

waiting for the fire at their feet

to race up their legs

and dance atop their skulls.

They speak not in whispers

but in the jaunty sing song

of old records from

your mother’s cellar…

Boston, 1989

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