Holdover, Placeholder, Maiden, PASSCHENDALE

Apologies, BUSY. I have a ton of shit I want to post, but just can’t rip myself away from the blind starving orphans tearing at my clothes and begging for the salvation that only I can grant, for I am Drax…

This song and clip ALMOST made the cut the other day for Remembrance/ Veteran’s Day for many, many reasons, but I did not put it up because of conflicting and countering thoughts, arguments, etc. Well, that’s the nature of conflict and war, yeah? But I am racing against the clock here, so I’m running it now. But I can’t let it play without any historical context, even if it’s only from wiki:

“Casualty figures for the battle are still a matter of some controversy. Some accounts suggest that the Allies suffered significantly heavier losses than the Germans, while others offer more even figures. However, no-one disputes that hundreds of thousands of soldiers on both sides were killed or crippled. The last surviving veteran of the battle, Private Harry Patch, died 25 July 2009.” Read more HERE.

Arghgh. Embedding disabled. Gotta watch it on youtube. Sorry. Just click it, man. Worth your time.


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