EXIT VECTOR: “Mori Has All the Fun”


Mori reached past the writer, casually plucked a bottle from the bar and smashed it in the face of her closest foe.

Blood flashed with a musical plume of flying glass. The boy screamed, hands reaching for the jagged shards imbedded in his eyes and cheeks, rivulets of crimson running between his fingers. He stumbled back. His comrades gaped.

Mori tossed away the stem of the broken bottle.

“Open wide,” she snarled, and Mori waded into the two morons, the two Fritzophiles, Christ did they have it coming, open wide, and she swung her fist and her fist was met with the crumpled smack of flesh, she was rewarded with an accompanying cry of pain which made her feel really pretty damn good, and she hit the asshole again and again…

And things go south from there: Anger. Recriminations. Guilt. Bad dreams. And a revelation concerning a violation of the law of thermodynamics.

So hurry up and read it, war doggy, because the new installment, Episode 22, goes up on Tuesday. And then there are only 4 episodes left.


Exit Vector runs weekly at UNDERLAND PRESS

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