Official Launch: DOOMTROOPERS

Character Designs by Christina Chen. Doomtroopers © Simon Drax

“THIS is the book I would have run over my mother to have read when I was fifteen…” Or so it seemed for a long time. To save face, let’s knock the age down a bit, let’s make it twelve. Or ten. Oh hell, six. It doesn’t matter; this is a book I would have loved as a kid.

It’s not SF. Not even close. DOOMTROOPERS is heavily influenced by anime, manga, American comics, movies, other stuff. Is it dumb? Hmmm… Mildly. Is it it fun? I hope so. It’s a free weekly online serial novel, with a new episode posted every Sunday morning.* If you check it out, I hope you enjoy it. The first two episodes are up:


There’s a handy subscription button, for those so inclined.  For those not, ah… well… send me hate mail! Amusing letters! Exciting photographs! Love poems to Pandas! I don’t care. Just nothing flammable, perishable, radioactive, you know, the usual.


* To Exit Vector readers, all blessed six of you or so: just to be clear, DOOMTROOPERS is a done deal, it’s finished. There will be no “two minutes to midnight” teeth clenching in order to beat a crazy weekly schedule, and certainly no voting to sway story direction. If I wanted, I could post the whole book tomorrow. But what would be the fun of that? Also, this is a free book. There is no donation button. But if you like it, tell your friends. Man.


  1. Almost as cool as Sergio Leone not agreeing to direct Flash Gordon. Don’t let the bastards grind ya down.

  2. Oh, Mary! You saucy lass!

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