Well, That Made MY Night (You Bastards)

Heyhey! So what arrives out of the ether on this bleak and oblique and dreary night, but a really nice comment by a really great goddamn writer, saying “thank you” for a piece I wrote and posted back in June. A mere trifle perhaps to you (you bastards), but not to this doomtrooper, as the author of the kindly comment is easily the most famous of persons to ever click through this particular cyber slum. So, smiling sweetly, I say onto you, “Up yours, you bastards.” Authentication HERE.

And in honor of said prestigious personage gracing the pixelated clutter of these walls, I’m going to post the audio clip of yours truly reading a bit of his excellent book. The mumbles might belong to me, but the beauty of Arthur Phillips’ prose can’t be marred by any lips, not even mine. This was recorded and engineered by Chris Januzzi, and this is a bit from THE SONG IS YOU, man.

SONG (excerpt)

Wow! Ha ha ha, man, I SUCK! Heh hee heh… I have not listened to this since recording it in September. Ah, hell, I don’t care. I am Drax, King of the Hacks, and it’s time to post Episode 5 of DOOMTROOPERS. On your knees, humanity. My night is made (you bastards).



  1. Drax, You scare me! I haven’t listened yet, but I will. I just left a comment on your “The Song is You” book review. (Did you know it’s hard to write comments, white on black?And don’t call me bastard for saying that- You’ll hurt my feelings!)

    • I would never call you a bastard, Annie. Such words are reserved for other denizens of the intertubes, and THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

      On a nicer note, I’ve been enjoying your poems, and pleased that others are enjoying them as well. Keep on. I know it’s a trying, and it’s easy to lose the pattern, but keep on. (And yes it is hard to write in this black little box, isn’t it…)

  2. Congrats. Great to have feedback from someone you admire…especially if it’s positive!

    • Thanks.

  3. Hi Drax,
    I just listened to the clip. I enjoyed the opening to the novel. It reads like poetry, and you did a fine job with it. I listened three times to catch the nuances. If I’d known it was so short, I’d have listened yesterday!

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