Christ is Dead…

My Notes on Black Friday:

Make and mount and mail photo of Dakota for your mother •  “NO MORE EASTER” • Orpheus • Saint Sebastion (Bride Wore Black sequence)—are you sure that even happened, dude? • Mango’s last mix • To pub Exit Vector “en ex Terra Pax” on Sunday would be MOST GLORIOUS • To address in minimalist text, image: The idea of “salvaging” Christianity as opposed to overwriting/jettisoning it • Till We Have Faces • Behold the Man • “NO MORE EASTER” • Is Gary Evil? • and “NO MORE EASTER”

Also, Christ is dead.

In a letter to Mlle Ghoul dated Saturday, April 3: [Know] what would make my day? The pope (note lowercase) accepting, in this order, a forced resignation from his office, excommunication, disgrace, and later found dead… And then we’d see the rise of a new caste of warrior saints, yes! And they’d all be fucked up—they’re all addicts or autistics or lepers or maligned by some horrible emotional scar—but they KICK ASS. And they all look good on camera.


Image Credits: Getty; Wiki Commons; Foursyte; Unknown (sorry) LAST DREAM OF JESUS; Nasa

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