Interjection 2: A Test of the Best


Via The Ghoul.

Update: The test failed. But boy I want that print as a poster.



  1. What was the test? And yes, that is a wonderfully gorgeous image…though I can’t quite figure out who she is, what she’s doing, what story she’s from, etc.
    My god, that Tenggren is a dirtbag. His stuff is wonderful, but from all accounts he is a major jerk; that always really disappoints me to find out things like that…

    • Oh no. Just trying an auto-post to tumblr. Didn’t take. I’ll figure it out.

      Tenggren a major douchebag: Hmm. That’s too bad. But at the moment I just want to find more of his pictures, especially locating a copy of D´Aulnoys Fairy Tales.

      The above image—I know! Who is she, what’s the deal?! “She went to the seashore laden with everything of the best.” I must find out!!! She now adorns my wall beneath Penelope Cruz and aside a signed Whalen print. (“The Sailor on the Seas of Fate,” fuck yeah!)

      So, no, that was not the test.


  2. Well, now I can’t find the sites that I found the various infos on, but I guess the gist of it was that he was a lady-chaser. Not the charming kind. I guess that’s not the worst thing ever, but still…kinda sleazy & sad for kid’s book illustrator.

    I wrote to the animation archive from where I originally found our gal’s image…if they shed any light on her origins, you will be the first to know!

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