Guatemala Sinkhole (source)

The Evening’s Editorial by Tentacular!

Music for Rising: The Return of The 4am!

Poet’s Abbey! Flux Capacitor!

Bedtime Fiction! New Fairy Tales #5!

BOF goes bonkers for Clint Eastwood at Bradley on Film!


THIS is a Frazetta Tribute at Golden Age Comic Book Stories!



  1. Not sure what to make of the alleged doffing (and the Frazetta semi-whack is noted), but profuse thanks regardless. And yes, I did watch both WHERE EAGLES DARE and KELLY’S HEROES for the umpteenth time in Clint’s honor yesterday. Gotta love him…

    • Aiieeey! 1. Bof + doff = ha ha, yes I AM CHILD, and yes, it makes NO SENSE, and I will change it if you want me to. 2. Frazetta: not a whack. In the weeks since Frank’s death there have been several notable tributes to him, but this one by Mister Door Tree posted over the weekend is by far the most spectacular and heartfelt. 3. Let me get this straight: both you and the Shooting Star have never seen THE MESSENGER?! Oh my God…

  2. Hi Drax, Thank you for the great links! I’m still exploring. I love Maggie’s work (and Maggie), enjoyed Bradley on Clint Eastwood, and I’ll be back for more of New Fairy Tales (no chance to read them right now). I’m intrigued by the art work throughout, and in Dear Little Emmie. The other links I haven’t checked yet.

    • You are welcome, Annie! I’ve only glanced through the latest Issue of New Fairy Tales. (They passed on THE LOST MUSIC for this issue, btw.) And yes, Maggie is a wonder, Mister Bradley always brings it!

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