One more time, this is simon drax dot com

All right, everybody relax.

The damn dog is fine. His name his Pablo. And he’s cute! And fun! And stupid! He also surfs, counsels married couples, weighs in on doggy intelligence, and fights for the rights of canines everywhere, raging against the cruel tyranny of public parks! You can follow Pablo’s adventures and marvel at the societal observations of his excellent human* at

Confessions of a Pugophile

* Who reports, “At the moment I’m writing a children’s book about trains for a publisher, with two more on spaceships and motorcycles to follow. Writing about pugs is a good antidote to researching trains.”

Jesus, who couldn’t love these two?! Confessions of a Pugophile!
Because you need it.


Edit: Top image via Justheo


  1. I do need it. Thank you! My husband and son love pugs and bulldogs. I love terrier mutts the most.

  2. Thanks for the promo, Drax! And Pablo is NOT stupid. He scored a 24 in his IQ test, one point away from genius! Oh, and I’d better update my bio. I finished the train book and I’m writing about motorcycles now. Fun!

    • Yeah, and Einstein flunked math. Sorry, but I remain unswayed by claims of the damn pooch’s “Near Genius Score.” (But you know I love you.)

  3. He’s our beloved AMPAS Psycho-Pug.

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